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Journal articles

Seth A; Maxwell J; Dey C; Le Feuvre C; Patrick R, 2023, 'Understanding and managing psychological distress due to climate change', Australian Journal of General Practice,

Crandon TJ; Dey C; Scott JG; Thomas HJ; Ali S; Charlson FJ, 2022, 'The clinical implications of climate change for mental health', Nature Human Behaviour, 6, pp. 1474 - 1481,

Dey C; Dudley M; Knight K; Perkes I, 2022, 'Rising temperatures and suicidal behaviour in children and adolescents', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 56, pp. 729,

Le Feuvre C; Dey C, 2022, 'Debate: How can child and adolescent mental health professionals show leadership in the face of the ecological and climate crisis?', Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 27, pp. 75 - 76,

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