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Haifer C; Kelly CR; Paramsothy S; Andresen D; Papanicolas LE; Mckew GL; Borody TJ; Kamm MA; Costello SP; Andrews JM; Begun J; Chan HT; Connor SJ; Ghaly DS; Johnson P; Lemberg D; Paramsothy R; Andrew R; Sheorey H; Van Der Poorten D; Leong RW, 2020, 'Sa1913 CONSENSUS GUIDELINES FOR THE REGULATION, PRODUCTION AND USE OF FECAL MICROBIOTA TRANSPLANTATION IN CLINICAL PRACTICE', in Gastroenterology, Elsevier BV, Vol. 158,

Mokgwathi OL; Russell S; Lemberg D; Gifford AJ, 2018, 'A rare case of langerhans cell histiocytosis presenting in the gastrointestinal tract', in Pathology, Elsevier BV, Vol. 50, pp. S144 - S144,

Zhang L; Man S; Day S; Leach ST; Lemberg DA; Dutt S; Stormon MO; O Loughlin EV; Magoffin A; Mitchell HM, 2008, 'Investigation of the possible association between non-jejuni Campylobacter species and Crohn`s disease in Australian children', in Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Blackwell Publishing Asia, Carlton, Victoria, Australia, Vol. 23, pp. A220 - A220, presented at Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology,

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