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Chen D; Zhang L, 2023, 'Harmonic Vibration of Inclined Porous Nanocomposite Beams', in Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, pp. 497 - 501,

Yang J; Chen D; Kitipornchai S, 2017, 'Nonlinear free vibration of shear deformable functionally graded porous beams', in 24th International Congress on Sound and Vibration, ICSV 2017

Chen D; Kitipornchai S; Yang J, 2017, 'Postbuckling of shear deformable sandwich beam with a functionally graded porous metal foam core', in Mechanics of Structures and Materials: Advancements and Challenges - Proceedings of the 24th Australasian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials, ACMSM24 2016, pp. 1797 - 1802

Hu J; Da Chen ; Ding S; Qing G; Jin H, 2012, 'Simulation of the wind field of gantry cranes based on FLUENT', in Applied Mechanics and Materials, pp. 1530 - 1534,

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