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John J; Synn EP; Winata T; Eapen V; Lin P-I, 2022, Increased ambulance attendances related to suicide and self-injury in response to the pandemic in Australia,

Klein L; D’Urso S; Eapen V; Hwang L-D; Lin P-I, 2021, Exploring Polygenic Contributors To Subgroups of Comorbid Conditions In Autism Spectrum Disorder,

Diaz AM; Tully L; Masi A; Lin P-I; Efron D; Woolfenden S; Eapen V, 2021, A Cross-sectional Examination of the Association Between Parental Distress and the Well-being of Children With Neurodevelopmental Disorders During the COVID-19 Pandemic,

Aktar S; Ahamad MM; Rashed-Al-Mahfuz M; Azad A; Uddin S; Kamal AHM; Alyami SA; Lin P-I; Islam SMS; Quinn JMW; Eapen V; Moni MA, 2020, Predicting Patient COVID-19 Disease Severity by means of Statistical and Machine Learning Analysis of Blood Cell Transcriptome Data

Quinn T; Hess JL; Marshe VS; Barnett MM; Hauschild A-C; Maciukiewicz M; Elsheikh SSM; Emanuel S; Trakadis YJ; Breen MS; Barnett EJ; Zhang-James Y; Ahsen ME; Cao H; Chen J; Hou J; Salekin A; Lin P-I; Nicodemus KK; Meyer-Lindenberg A; Bichindaritz I; Faraone SV; Cairns MJ; Pandey G; Mueller DJ; Glatt SJ, Signal from Noise: Using Machine Learning to Distil Knowledge from Data in Biological Psychiatry,

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