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Keller A; Ankenbrand M; Bruelheide H; Dekeyzer S; Enquist BJ; Erfanian MB; Falster D; Gallagher RV; Hammock J; Kattge J; Leonhardt SD; Madin J; Maitner B; Neyret M; Onstein RE; Pearse WD; Poelen JH; Salguero-Gomez R; Schneider FD; Tóth AB; Penone C, 2022, Ten (mostly) simple rules to future-proof trait data in ecological and evolutionary sciences,

Stephens R; Sauquet H; Guerin G; Jiang M; Falster D; Gallagher R, 2021, Climate shapes flowering periods across plant communities,

McCarthy PX; Gong X; Eghbal S; Falster DS; Rizoiu M-A, 2020, Evolution of diversity and dominance of companies in online activity,

Gallagher R; Falster DS; Maitner B; Salguero-Gomez R; Vandvik V; Pearse W; Schneider F; Kattge J; Alroy J; Ankenbrand MJ; Andrew S; Balk M; Bland L; Boyle B; Bravo-Avila C; Brennan I; Carthey A; Catullo R; Cavazos B; Chown S; Fadrique B; Feng X; Halbritter AH; Hammock J; Hogan JA; Holewa H; Iversen C; Jochum M; Kearney M; Keller A; Mabee P; Madin J; Manning P; McCormack L; Michaletz S; Park D; Penone C; Perez T; Pineda-Munoz S; Poelen JH; Ray C; Rossetto M; Sauquet H; Sparrow B; Spasojevic MJ; Telford RJ; Tobias JA; Violle C; Walls R; Weiss KCB; Westoby M; Wright I; Enquist B, 2019, The Open Traits Network: Using Open Science principles to accelerate trait-based science across the Tree of Life,

Wenk EH; Falster DS, 2014, Quantifying and understanding reproductive allocation schedules in plants: a lifetime of decisions,

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