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Dincer D; Tietz C; Dalci K, 2024, 'Beyond Sleep: Investigating User Needs in Today’s Bedrooms', Buildings, 14,

Smith C; Murray A; Dincer D; Lloyd E, 2023, 'Disrupting the Architectural Line: Wandering Domestic Objects in Public Spaces', Australian Feminist Studies, 37, pp. 1 - 1,

Dincer D; Tietz C; Dalci K, 2023, 'An Investigation into Sleep Environment as a Multi-Functional Space', Buildings, 13, pp. 406,

Dincer D; Tekin I; Cetken P, 2022, 'A Design Studio on Fantastic Space', idea journal, 19,

Dincer D, 2022, 'Beds Without Rooms: Sleeping Rough', Journal of Interior Design, 47, pp. 11 - 28,

Dincer D; Gocer O, 2021, 'Quarantine hotels: The adaptation of hotels for quarantine use in Australia', Buildings, 11,

Dincer D; Brejzek T; Wallen L, 2019, 'Designing the threshold: A close reading of Olafur Eliasson’s approach to ‘inside’ and ‘outside’', Interiority, 2, pp. 43 - 61,

Dincer D, 2017, 'Inquiring Relational Approach: Beyond the Limits of Substantialism', Journal of Humanities and Management Sciences, 5, pp. 47 - 50

, 2016, 'Blurring Limits in Architecture', Tasarım + Kuram, 12,

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