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Bakhshayeshi I; Erfani E; Taghikhah FR; Elbourn S; Beheshti A; Asadnia M, 2024, 'An Intelligence Cattle Reidentification System over Transport by Siamese Neural Networks and YOLO', IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 11, pp. 2351 - 2363,

Jalalifar S; Belford A; Erfani E; Razmjou A; Abbassi R; Mohseni-Dargah M; Asadnia M, 2024, 'Enhancing Water Safety: Exploring Recent Technological Approaches for Drowning Detection', Sensors, 24,

Alqahtani A; Hawryszkiewycz I; Erfani E, 2023, 'Relationship Between Knowledge Creation and Open Innovation Applied Through Public Open Innovation Platforms', Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management, 21, pp. 73 - 86,

Mokarian P; Bakhshayeshi I; Taghikhah F; Boroumand Y; Erfani E; Razmjou A, 2022, 'The advanced design of bioleaching process for metal recovery: A machine learning approach', Separation and Purification Technology, 291,

Cetindamar D; Shdifat B; Erfani E, 2022, 'Understanding Big Data Analytics Capability and Sustainable Supply Chains', Information Systems Management, 39, pp. 19 - 33,

Chai M; Moradi S; Erfani E; Asadnia M; Chen V; Razmjou A, 2021, 'Application of Machine Learning Algorithms to Estimate Enzyme Loading, Immobilization Yield, Activity Retention, and Reusability of Enzyme-Metal-Organic Framework Biocatalysts', Chemistry of Materials, 33, pp. 8666 - 8676,

Boroon L; Abedin B; Erfani E, 2021, 'The Dark Side of Using Online Social Networks: A Review of Individuals Negative Experiences', Journal of Global Information Management, 29,

Alqahtani MSA; Erfani E, 2021, 'Exploring the relationship between technology adoption and cyber security compliance: A quantitative study of UTAUT2 model', International Journal of Electronic Government Research, 17, pp. 40 - 62,

Abedin B; Milne D; Erfani E, 2020, 'Attraction, selection, and attrition in online health communities: Initial conversations and their association with subsequent activity levels', International Journal of Medical Informatics, 141,

Erfani SS; Abedin B, 2018, 'Impacts of the use of social network sites on users' psychological well‐being: A systematic review', Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 69, pp. 900 - 912,

Erfani SS; Abedin B; Blount Y, 2017, 'The effect of social network site use on the psychological well‐being of cancer patients', Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 68, pp. 1308 - 1322,

Blount Y; Abedin B; Vatanasakdakul S; Erfani S, 2016, 'Integrating enterprise resource planning (SAP) in the accounting curriculum: a systematic literature review and case study', Accounting Education, 25, pp. 185 - 202,

Erfani SS; Blount Y; Abedin B, 2016, 'The influence of health-specific social network site use on the psychological well-being of cancer-affected people.', J Am Med Inform Assoc, 23, pp. 467 - 476,

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