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Mitchell E; Lazuardi E; Anintya I; Rowe E; Whitford K; Wirawan D; Wisaksana R; Subronto Y; Prameswari H; Kaldor J; Bell S, 2020, 'A Qualitative Exploration of Family, Work, Community, and Health Service Influences on HIV Treatment Uptake and Adherence Among Female Sex Workers in Three Cities in Indonesia', AIDS Education and Prevention, vol. 32, pp. 243 - 259,

Persson A; Kelly-Hanku A; Mek A; Mitchell E; Nake Trumb R; Worth H; Bell S, 2020, 'Polygyny, Serodiscordance and HIV Prevention in Papua New Guinea: A Qualitative Exploration of Diverse Configurations', Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology, vol. 21, pp. 248 - 263,

Mitchell E; Bennett LR, 2020, 'Young women’s perceptions and experiences of sexual risk in Suva, Fiji', Culture, Health and Sexuality, vol. 22, pp. 504 - 519,

Mitchell E; Bell S, 2020, 'Premarital relationships and condom use among young people in Suva, Fiji', Sexual Health,

Mitchell E; Lazuardi E; Rowe E; Anintya I; Wirawan DN; Wisaksana R; Subronto YW; Prameswari HD; Kaldor J; Bell S, 2019, 'Barriers and Enablers to HIV Care Among Waria (Transgender Women) in Indonesia: A Qualitative Study', AIDS Education and Prevention: an interdisciplinary journal, vol. 31, pp. 538 - 552,

Mitchell E; Kelly-Hanku A; Mek A; Nake Trumb R; Persson A; Worth H; Bell SA, 2019, 'Caring Masculinities in the Context of HIV Serodiscordant Relationships in Papua New Guinea', Men and Masculinities,

Mitchell E; Bennett LR, 2019, 'Pressure and Persuasion: Young Fijian Women’s Experiences of Sexual and Reproductive Coercion in Romantic Relationships', Violence Against Women,

Mitchell E, 2015, 'The Fiji national response to HIV and sexually transmitted infections: Mapping key successes and challenges', Journal of Pacific Studies, vol. 35, pp. 5 - 25,

Mitchell E, 2011, 'Towards an Understanding of Transactional Sex and HIV Risk Among Female University Students in Fiji', Intersections : Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific,

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