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Abu-Arish A; Pandžić E; Kim D; Tseng HW; Wiseman PW; Hanrahan JW, 2019, 'Agonists that stimulate secretion promote the recruitment of CFTR into membrane lipid microdomains', The Journal of general physiology, vol. 151, pp. 834 - 849,

Kopecky C; Pandzic E; Parmar A; Szajer J; Lee V; Dupuy A; Arthur A; Fok S; Whan R; Ryder WJ; Rye KA; Cochran BJ, 2019, 'Translocator protein localises to CD11b + macrophages in atherosclerosis', Atherosclerosis, vol. 284, pp. 153 - 159,

Park M; Richardson A; Pandzic E; Lobo EP; Whan R; Watson SL; Lyons JG; Wakefield D; Di Girolamo N, 2019, 'Visualizing the Contribution of Keratin-14+ Limbal Epithelial Precursors in Corneal Wound Healing', Stem Cell Reports, vol. 12, pp. 14 - 28,

Chen F; Li K; Hart-Smith G; Xu YD; Jiang Y; Lu H; Fok S; Macmillian A; Pandzic E; Stenzel M, 2018, 'Light-sheet microscopy as a tool to understanding the behaviour of Polyion complex micelles for drug delivery', Chemical Communications, vol. 54, pp. 12618 - 12621,

Parker AL; Teo WS; Pandzic E; Vicente JJ; McCarroll JA; Wordeman L; Kavallaris M, 2018, 'β-Tubulin carboxy-terminal tails exhibit isotype-specific effects on microtubule dynamics in human gene-edited cells', Life Science Alliance, vol. 1,

Pandžić E; Abu-Arish A; Whan RM; Hanrahan JW; Wiseman PW, 2018, 'Velocity landscape correlation resolves multiple flowing protein populations from fluorescence image time series', Methods, vol. 140-141, pp. 126 - 139,

Ma Y; Pandzic E; Nicovich PR; Yamamoto Y; Kwiatek J; Pageon SV; Benda A; Rossy J; Gaus K, 2017, 'An intermolecular FRET sensor detects the dynamics of T cell receptor clustering', Nature Communications, vol. 8,

van Oostende-Triplet C; Guillet D; Triplet T; Pandzic E; Wiseman PW; Geitmann A, 2017, 'Vesicle dynamics during plant cell cytokinesis reveals distinct developmental phases', Plant Physiology, vol. 174, pp. 1544 - 1558,

Ashdown GW; Burn GL; Williamson DJ; Pandžić E; Peters R; Holden M; Ewers H; Shao L; Wiseman PW; Owen DM, 2017, 'Live-Cell Super-resolution Reveals F-Actin and Plasma Membrane Dynamics at the T Cell Synapse', Biophysical Journal, vol. 112, pp. 1703 - 1713,

Pandzic E; Gelissen IC; Whan R; Barter PJ; Sviridov D; Gaus K; Rye KA; Cochran BJ, 2017, 'The ATP binding cassette transporter, ABCG1, localizes to cortical actin filaments', Scientific Reports, vol. 7,

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Hinde E; Pand E; Yang Z; Ng IHW; Jans DA; Bogoyevitch MA; Gratton E; Gaus K, 2016, 'Quantifying the dynamics of the oligomeric transcription factor STAT3 by pair correlation of molecular brightness', Nature Communications, vol. 7,

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Abu-Arish A; Pandzic E; Goepp J; Matthes E; Hanrahan JW; Wiseman PW, 2015, 'Cholesterol Modulates CFTR Confinement in the Plasma Membrane of Primary Epithelial Cells', Biophysical Journal, vol. 109, pp. 85 - 94,

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