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Ridone P; Pandzic E; Vassalli M; Cox CD; Macmillan A; Gottlieb PA; Martinac B, 2020, 'Disruption of membrane cholesterol organization impairs the activity of PIEZO1 channel clusters', The Journal of general physiology, vol. 152,

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van den Dries K; Nahidiazar L; Slotman JA; Meddens MBM; Pandzic E; Joosten B; Ansems M; Schouwstra J; Meijer A; Steen R; Wijers M; Fransen J; Houtsmuller AB; Wiseman PW; Jalink K; Cambi A, 2019, 'Modular actin nano-architecture enables podosome protrusion and mechanosensing', Nature Communications, vol. 10, pp. 5171,

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Parker AL; Teo WS; Pandzic E; Vicente JJ; McCarroll JA; Wordeman L; Kavallaris M, 2018, 'β-Tubulin carboxy-terminal tails exhibit isotype-specific effects on microtubule dynamics in human gene-edited cells', Life Science Alliance, vol. 1,

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Pandzic E; Arish AA; Wiseman PW, 2012, 'Erratum: Confined dynamics and membrane domain features revealed by image correlation spectroscopy toolkit (Biophysical Journal (2012) (216a))', Biophysical Journal, vol. 102, pp. 1469,

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