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Hagege H;Dartnell C;Martin EA;Sallantin J, 2009, 'Humans and Machines: Nature of Learning and Learning of Nature.', in Wang Y (ed.), Discoveries and Breakthroughs in Cognitive Informatics and Natural Intelligence, edn. Original, Information Science Reference, Hershey, PA 17033, USA, pp. 71 - 91,

Martin E;Sharma A;Stephan F, 2007, 'DEDUCTION, INDUCTION, AND BEYOND IN PARAMETRIC LOGIC', in Friend M;Goethe NB;Harizanov VS (ed.), INDUCTION, ALGORITHMIC LEARNING THEORY, AND PHILOSOPHY, edn. Logic Epistemology and the Unity of Science, SPRINGER, pp. 55 - 110,

Martin EA;Osherson D, 2005, 'Psychology looks hopefully to logic', in Covi R;Razborov A (ed.), Logic colloquium 2000, edn. Original, Association for symbolic logic, Massachusets, USA, pp. 323 - 333

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