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Akter A; Nosheen N; Ahmed S; Hossain M; Yousuf MA; Almoyad MAA; Hasan KF; Moni MA, 2024, 'Robust clinical applicable CNN and U-Net based algorithm for MRI classification and segmentation for brain tumor', Expert Systems with Applications, 238,

Hasan KF; Simpson L; Baee MAR; Islam C; Rahman Z; Armstrong W; Gauravaram P; McKague M, 2024, 'A Framework for Migrating to Post-Quantum Cryptography: Security Dependency Analysis and Case Studies', IEEE Access, 12, pp. 23427 - 23450,

Rana MM; Islam MM; Talukder MA; Uddin MA; Aryal S; Alotaibi N; Alyami SA; Hasan KF; Moni MA, 2023, 'A robust and clinically applicable deep learning model for early detection of Alzheimer's', IET Image Processing, 17, pp. 3959 - 3975,

Talukder MA; Islam MM; Uddin MA; Akhter A; Pramanik MAJ; Aryal S; Almoyad MAA; Hasan KF; Moni MA, 2023, 'An efficient deep learning model to categorize brain tumor using reconstruction and fine-tuning', Expert Systems with Applications, 230,

Hasan KF; Feng Y; Tian YC, 2023, 'Precise GNSS Time Synchronization with Experimental Validation in Vehicular Networks', IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, 20, pp. 3289 - 3301,

Mim TR; Amatullah M; Afreen S; Yousuf MA; Uddin S; Alyami SA; Hasan KF; Moni MA, 2023, 'GRU-INC: An inception-attention based approach using GRU for human activity recognition', Expert Systems with Applications, 216,

Talukder MA; Hasan KF; Islam MM; Uddin MA; Akhter A; Yousuf MA; Alharbi F; Moni MA, 2023, 'A dependable hybrid machine learning model for network intrusion detection', Journal of Information Security and Applications, 72,

Islam MM; Hossain MB; Akhtar MN; Moni MA; Hasan KF, 2022, 'CNN Based on Transfer Learning Models Using Data Augmentation and Transformation for Detection of Concrete Crack', Algorithms, 15,

Bala M; Ali MH; Satu MS; Hasan KF; Moni MA, 2022, 'Efficient Machine Learning Models for Early Stage Detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder', Algorithms, 15, pp. 166 - 166,

Hasan KF; Feng Y; Tian Y-C, 2018, 'GNSS Time Synchronization in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks: Benefits and Feasibility', IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 19, pp. 3915 - 3924,

Hasan KF; Wang C; Feng Y; Tian Y-C, 2018, 'Time synchronization in vehicular ad-hoc networks: A survey on theory and practice', Vehicular Communications, 14, pp. 39 - 51,

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