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Hilferty F; Katz I; Van Hooff M; Lawrence-Wood E, 2020, 'How many Australian veterans are homeless? Reporting prevalence findings and method from a national study', Australian Journal of Social Issues,

Hilferty F; Katz I, 2019, 'Inter-country adoption in Australia: Examining the factors that drive the practice and implications for policy reform', Australian Journal of Social Issues, vol. 54, pp. 76 - 90,

hilferty F; Lafferty L; valentine K; Cale J; Zmudski F, 2018, 'Changes to home detention in South Australia: Evaluation design and early implementation findings', Advancing Corrections, vol. 5th edition, pp. 34 - 47,

Cortis N; Hilferty F; Chan SE, 2011, 'Will they stay or will they go? Retaining managers in voluntary sector community services', Voluntary Sector Review, vol. 2, pp. 277 - 295,

Hilferty F; Redmond G; Katz I, 2010, 'The implications of poverty on children’s readiness to learn', Australian Journal of Early Childhood, vol. 35, pp. 63 - 71,

Cortis N; Chan SE; Hilferty F, 2009, 'Workforce issues across the family relationship services sector: Models, responses and strategies', Australian Family Relationships Clearinghouse, pp. 1 - 22,

Hilferty F, 2008, 'Teacher professionalism and cultural diversity: skills, knowledge and values for a changing Australia', Australian Educational Researcher, vol. 35, pp. 53 - 70,

Hilferty F, 2008, 'Theorising teacher professionalism as an enacted discourse of power', British Journal of Sociology of Education, vol. 29, pp. 161 - 173,

Hilferty F, 2007, 'Contesting the curriculum: An examination of professionalism as defined and enacted by Australian history teachers', Curriculum Inquiry, vol. 37, pp. 239 - 262,

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