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Geenens G; Nieto-Reyes A; Francisci G, 2021, Statistical depth in abstract metric spaces

Geenens G, 2019, An essay on copula modelling for discrete random vectors; or how to pour new wine into old bottles

Geenens G; de Micheaux PL, 2018, The Hellinger Correlation

Geenens G; Dunn R, 2017, A nonparametric copula approach to conditional Value-at-Risk

Moreno CA; Geenens G; Penev S, 2017, Shape-preserving wavelet-based multivariate density estimation

Geenens G, 2017, Mellin-Meijer-kernel density estimation on $\mathbb{R}^+$

Geenens G; Cuddihy T, 2017, Robust analysis of second-leg home advantage in UEFA football through better nonparametric confidence intervals for binary regression functions

Geenens G; Wang C, 2016, Local-likelihood transformation kernel density estimation for positive random variables

Geenens G; Charpentier A; Paindaveine D, 2014, Probit transformation for nonparametric kernel estimation of the copula density

Geenens G, 2013, Probit transformation for kernel density estimation on the unit interval

Hui FKC; Geenens G, 2012, A Nonparametric Measure of Local Association for two-way Contingency Tables

Geenens G, On the Decisiveness of a Game in a Tournament,

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