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Pignatta G, 2023, 'Effect of solar pre-cooling on reducing thermal discomfort in residential buildings during heat waves', in IC2UHI 2023, Melbourne, presented at 6th International Conference on Countermeasures to Urban Heat Islands (IC2UHI 2023), Melbourne

Shayan N; Heslop S; Chen D; Macgill I; Pignatta G; Sproul A, 2022, 'Data-Driven Assessment of Solar Pre-Cooling and Pre-Heating in Australian Residential Housing', in WCPEC-8 proceedings, Milan, presented at WCPEC-8, Milan, 26 September 2022 - 30 September 2022

Meier I; Isaac S; Kolokotsa D; Gobakis K; Pignatta G, 2020, 'A brief note on commissioning and POE within the EU Zero-Plus Settlements', in IAQ Conference, Athens, Greece, presented at IAQ2020, Athens, Greece, 14 September 2020 - 16 September 2020

Pignatta G, 2019, 'A simplified approach for designing sustainable Near Zero Energy Settlements Environmental impact analysis applied in the framework of the European ZERO-PLUS project', in PLEA2020, A Corugna, Spain, presented at PLEA2020, A Corugna, Spain, 01 September 2019 - 02 September 2019

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