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Evon GN, 2023, Salvaging Buddhism to Save Confucianism in Choson Korea (1392-1910), Cambria Press

Book Chapters

Evon GN, 2024, 'Buddhist Examinations in Chosŏn Korea (1392–1910)', in Beyond the State Examinations. Evaluations of Knowledge in Premodern Korea, Harrassowitz Verlag, pp. 79 - 102,

Evon G, 2023, 'Korea II: 936-1392', in Silk J; Bowring R; Eltschinger V (ed.), Brill's Encyclopedia of Buddhism. Volume Four History: Part Two: Central and East Asia, Brill, Leiden and Boston, pp. 314 - 330,

Evon G, 2023, 'Script Apartheid and Literary Production in Pre-modern Korea: Framing Pollock’s Cosmopolitan and Vernacular in East Asia', in King R (ed.), Cosmopolitan and Vernacular in the World of Wen 文: Reading Sheldon Pollock from the Sinographic Cosmopolis, Brill, Leiden and Boston, pp. 349 - 377,

Evon G, 2023, 'A Chronology of Key Biographical Events and Writings', in Glomb V; Löwensteinová M (ed.), The Lives and Legacy of Kim Sisŭp (1435–1493): Dissent and Creativity in Chosŏn Korea, Brill, Leiden & Boston, pp. 21 - 33,

Evon G, 2023, 'In the Vortex of Intellectual Change: Buddhist–Confucian Tensions in Memorializing Kim Sisŭp', in Glomb V; Löwensteinová M (ed.), The Lives and Legacy of Kim Sisŭp (1435–1493), Brill, Leiden & Boston, pp. 74 - 87,

Evon G, 2022, 'Han Yongun, Fukuzawa Yukichi, and Questions of Nationalism and Colonialism', in Kim HI; Park JY (ed.), New Perspectives in Modern Korean Buddhism: Institution, Gender, and Secular Society, SUNY Press, Albany, pp. 211 - 232,,its%20place%20in%20transnational%20conversations.

Evon G, 2022, 'Buddhism and Statecraft in Korea: The Long View', in Balkwill S; Benn JA (ed.), Buddhist Statecraft in East Asia, Brill, Leiden and Boston, pp. 119 - 139,

Evon G, 2019, 'Kim Sisŭp', in Silk JA (ed.), Brill's Encyclopedia of Buddhism Volume II, Lives, Handbook of Oriental Studies., Leiden and Boston, pp. 873 - 976,

Evon GN, 2018, 'Kim Sisup, “An account of drunken merriment at floating jade-green pavilion”', in Premodern Korean Literary Prose An Anthology, Columbia University Press, New York, pp. 41 - 65,

Evon GN, 2017, '"Korean Buddhist Historiography and the Legacies of Japanese Colonialism (1910-1945)"', in Anderson E (ed.), Belief and Practice in Imperial Japan and Colonial Korea, Palgrave Macmillan, Singapore, pp. 39 - 56,

Evon GN, 2014, '"Buddhism and Death in Kim Man-jung’s A Nine Cloud Dream: From Fact to Fiction, and Nowhere Back Again"', in Horlyck C; Pettid MJ (ed.), Death, Mourning, and the Afterlife in Korea: From Ancient to Contemporary Times, University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu, pp. 190 - 212,

Edited Books

Pettid MJ; Evon GN; Park CE, (eds.), 2018, Premodern Korean Literary Prose: An Anthology, Columbia University Press, New York,

Journal articles

Evon GN, 2019, 'The Korean Buddhist Empire: A Transnational History (1910-1945)', SUNGKYUN JOURNAL OF EAST ASIAN STUDIES, 19, pp. 233 - 236,

Evon GN, 2016, 'A handbook of Korean Zen practice: a mirror on the Son School of Buddhism (Son'ga kwigam)', ASIAN STUDIES REVIEW, 40, pp. 644 - 645,

Evon GN, 2015, 'Engraving Virtue: The Printing History of a Premodern Korean Moral Primer', JOURNAL OF KOREAN RELIGIONS, 6, pp. 260 - 262,

Evon GN, 2014, 'Tobacco, God, and Books: The Perils of Barbarism in Eighteenth-Century Korea', The Journal of Asian Studies, 73, pp. 641 - 659,

Evon GN, 2014, '"Ming Archaism (擬古主義) in Eighteenth-Century Chosŏn Korea: A Sketch of the Intellectual Foundations of a Literary Question"', 漢文學報 (Han Mun Hak Bo), 30, pp. 198 - 224,

Evon GN, 2013, 'The Conceptualization of Qing-Era (1644–1911) Chinese Literature in Nineteenth Century Chosŏn (1392–1910) Korea', Frontiers of Literary Studies in China, 7, pp. 396 - 421,

Evon GN, 2012, 'The Fate of the Jehol Diary: A Skeleton Key to "The Book" in Chosŏn Korea', International Review of Korean Studies, 8, pp. 139 - 175

Evon GN, 2011, 'Korea's aristocratic moods: Re-examining Choson social and political history', Asian Studies Review, 35, pp. 253 - 262,

Evon GN, 2010, 'Tradition, Treaties, and Trade: Qing Imperialism and Choson Korea, 1850-1910', ASIAN STUDIES REVIEW, 34, pp. 118 - 120,

Evon GN, 2010, '"Uncovering Korean Textual and Literary Histories: A Critical Review of Recent Scholarship on Korea's Literary Past"', International Review of Korean Studies, 6, pp. 155 - 186

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Evon GN, 2009, 'The Conservation of Knowledge and Technology of the Word in Korea', Asian Studies Review, 33, pp. 1 - 19,

Evon GN, 2008, 'Chinese Contexts, Korean Realities: the Politics of Literary Genre in Late-Choson Korea (1725-1863)', East Asian History, 32/33, pp. 57 - 82

Evon GN, 2008, 'The Political Aspects of Literary Genre in the Late Chosen Seen from the Perspective of Chinese Literary History: Reconsidering Tasan Chong Yagyong¿s ¿Proclamation of Chosen Poetry¿', The Journal of Performative Humanities, 38, pp. 137 - 147

Evon GN, 2008, 'The Riddle of Alphabetic Print in Korean History', The Journal of Korean Studies, 43, pp. 249 - 259

Evon GN, 2005, 'Brushes and Booze in the Poetry of Yi Kyubo (1168-1241)', Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia, Vol 36-37, pp. 122 - 149

Evon GN, 2004, '`Remembering the Past, Condemned to the Present` The Imaginative Retreat of Kim Sisup (1435-1493)', International Review of Korean Studies, 1, pp. 49 - 81

Evon GN, 2001, 'Contestations over Korean Buddhist Identities: The `Introduction` to the Kyongho-jip', Review of Korean Studies, pp. 11 - 34

Evon GN, 2000, 'Eroticism and Buddhism in Han Yongun's Your Silence', Korean Studies, 24, pp. 25 - 52,

Conference Papers

Evon GN, 2011, 'Popular Religiosity and State Control: Rethinking the Foundations of Modern Korean Buddhism', in KSAA 7th Biennial Conference, KSAA and Korea Research Institute (KRI@UNSW), The University of New South Wales, pp. Paper No. PO17 (not paginated); 19 pages in total, presented at KSAA 7h Biennial Conference Sydney, Australia, The University of New South Wales, 16 November 2011 - 18 November 2011

Evon GN, 2009, 'Constructing a Buddhist Imaginary in Colonial Korea (1910-1945)', in Global Korea: Old and New, The Korean Studies Association of Australasia, Sydney, Australia, presented at 6th Biennial Conference, Korean Studies Association of Australia, Universtiy of Sydney, Australia, 09 July 2009 - 10 July 2009

Evon GN, 2007, 'The Spoken and Written Word in Korean History: A Preliminary Sketch', in 5th Biannual KSAA Conference, 5th Biannual KSAA Conference, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, WA, presented at 5th Biannual KSAA Conference, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, WA, 12 July 2007 - 13 July 2007


Evon GN, 2010, "The Current Situation of Korean Romanization in Australia and Oceania", Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea


Evon G, 2018, Review, Buddhas and Ancestors: Religion and Wealth in Fourteenth-Century Korea, ,

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