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Tirumala NA; Redpath GMI; Skerhut SV; Dolai P; Kapoor-Kaushik N; Ariotti N; Vijay Kumar K; Ananthanarayanan V, 2024, 'Single-molecule imaging of stochastic interactions that drive dynein activation and cargo movement in cells', The Journal of cell biology, 223,

Siddiqui H; Deo N; Rutledge MT; Williams MJA; Redpath GMI; Mccormick SPA, 2023, 'Plasminogen Receptors Promote Lipoprotein(a) Uptake by Enhancing Surface Binding and Facilitating Macropinocytosis', Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology, 43, pp. 1851 - 1866,

Redpath GMI; Ananthanarayanan V, 2023, 'Endosomal sorting sorted – motors, adaptors and lessons from in vitro and cellular studies', Journal of Cell Science, 136,

Rossatti P; Redpath GMI; Ziegler L; Samson GPB; Clamagirand CD; Legler DF; Rossy J, 2022, 'Rapid increase in transferrin receptor recycling promotes adhesion during T cell activation', BMC Biology, 20,

Deo N; Redpath G, 2022, 'Serotonin Receptor and Transporter Endocytosis Is an Important Factor in the Cellular Basis of Depression and Anxiety', Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 15,

Redpath G; Deo N, 2022, 'Serotonin: An overlooked regulator of endocytosis and endosomal sorting?', Biology Open, 11,

Ecker M; Schregle R; Kapoor-Kaushik N; Rossatti P; Betzler VM; Kempe D; Biro M; Ariotti N; Redpath GMI; Rossy J, 2022, 'SNX9-induced membrane tubulation regulates CD28 cluster stability and signalling', eLife, 11,

Ecker M; Redpath GMI; Nicovich PR; Rossy J, 2021, 'Quantitative visualization of endocytic trafficking through photoactivation of fluorescent proteins', Molecular Biology of the Cell, 32, pp. 892 - 902,

Redpath GMI; Betzler VM; Rossatti P; Rossy J, 2020, 'Membrane Heterogeneity Controls Cellular Endocytic Trafficking', Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, 8,

Redpath GMI; Ecker M; Kapoor-Kaushik N; Vartoukian H; Carnell M; Kempe D; Biro M; Ariotti N; Rossy J; Kaushik N, 2019, 'Flotillins promote T cell receptor sorting through a fast Rab5–Rab11 endocytic recycling axis', Nature Communications, 10, pp. 4392,

Compeer EB; Kraus F; Ecker M; Redpath G; Amiezer M; Rother N; Nicovich PR; Kapoor-Kaushik N; Deng Q; Samson GPB; Yang Z; Lou J; Carnell M; Vartoukian H; Gaus K; Rossy J, 2018, 'A mobile endocytic network connects clathrin-independent receptor endocytosis to recycling and promotes T cell activation', Nature Communications, 9,

Piper AK; Ross SE; Redpath GM; Lemckert FA; Woolger N; Bournazos A; Greer PA; Sutton RB; Cooper ST, 2017, 'Enzymatic cleavage of myoferlin releases a dual C2-domain module linked to ERK signalling', Cellular Signalling, 33, pp. 30 - 40,

Sharma M; Redpath GM; Williams MJA; McCormick SPA, 2017, 'Recycling of apolipoprotein(a) after PlgRKT-mediated endocytosis of lipoprotein(a)', Circulation Research, 120, pp. 1091 - 1102,

Redpath GMI; Sophocleous RA; Turnbull L; Whitchurch CB; Cooper ST, 2016, 'Ferlins Show Tissue-Specific Expression and Segregate as Plasma Membrane/Late Endosomal or Trans-Golgi/Recycling Ferlins', Traffic, 17, pp. 245 - 266,

Sharma M; Redpath G; McCormick S, 2016, 'Calcium dependent endocytosis and recycling of lipoprotein(a) in HepG2 cells', Atherosclerosis, 252, pp. e244 - e244,

Redpath GMI; Woolger N; Piper AK; Lemckert FA; Lek A; Greer PA; North KN; Cooper ST, 2014, 'Calpain cleavage within dysferlin exon 40a releases a synaptotagmin-like module for membrane repair', Molecular Biology of the Cell, 25, pp. 3037 - 3048,

Fuson K; Rice A; Mahling R; Snow A; Nayak K; Shanbhogue P; Meyer AG; Redpath GMI; Hinderliter A; Cooper ST; Sutton RB, 2014, 'Alternate splicing of dysferlin C2A confers Ca2+-dependent and Ca2+-independent binding for membrane repair', Structure, 22, pp. 104 - 115,

Lek A; Evesson FJ; Lemckert FA; Redpath GMI; Lueders AK; Turnbull L; Whitchurch CB; North KN; Cooper ST, 2013, 'Calpains, cleaved mini-dysferlinc72, and L-type channels underpin calcium-dependent muscle membrane repair', Journal of Neuroscience, 33, pp. 5085 - 5094,

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