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Edited Books

Ikaheimo H; Ludwig S; Michael Q, (eds.), 2021, Handbuch Anerkennung, Springer VS,

Ikaheimo HA; Lepold K; Stahl T, (eds.), 2021, Recognition and Ambivalence, Columbia University Press,

Ikaheimo HA; Laitinen A; Saarinen J; Lyyra P; Niemi P, (eds.), 2014, Sisäisyys ja Suunnistautuminen—Juhlakirja Jussi Kotkavirralle (Festschrift for Jussi Kotkavirta)., SoPhi, Jyvaskyla, Finland,

Laitinen A; Ikaheimo HI, (ed.), 2011, Recognition and Social Ontology, Brill, Leiden,

Ikaheimo H; Laitinen A, (ed.), 2007, Dimensions of Personhood, Imprint Academic,

Ikaheimo H; Kotkavirta J; Laitinen A; Lyyra P, (eds.), 2004, Personhood: Workshop Papers of the Conference 'Dimensions of Personhood', University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä

Ikaheimo H; Lagerspetz E; Kotkavirta E, (eds.), 2001, On the Nature of Social and Institutional Reality, Sophi,

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