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Kampwerth H; Wang KW; MCLEAN , 2015, A method and apparatus for testing the performance of a semiconductor material, Patent No. , Patent Agent:Griffithhack

Shen C; Kampwerth H; Green MA, 2012, A Method For Determining Properties Of A Semiconductor Element, Australia, Patent No. AU2012900401, Patent Agent:Griffith Hack

Kampwerth H; Trupke T; Weber JW, 2008, Device Characterisation Utilizing Spatially Resolved Photoluminescence Imaging, Australia, Patent No. WO/2009/129575, Patent Agent:SHELSTON IP,

Kampwerth H; Ho-Baillie AW, 2007, Conductive Structures and Forming Thereof in Photovoltaic Devices, AU2007906082, Australia, Patent No. AU2007906082, Patent Agent:NSI

Kampwerth H, 2007, Laser Surface Cleaning, Australia, Patent No. AU2007906084, Patent Agent:NSI

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