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Ahmad A; Xiao X; Mo H; Dong D, 2024, 'Tuning data preprocessing techniques for improved wind speed prediction', Energy Reports, 11, pp. 287 - 303,

Gao Z; Xiao X; Fang YP; Rao J; Mo H, 2024, 'A Selective Review on Information Criteria in Multiple Change Point Detection', Entropy, 26,

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Rao J; Yang F; Mo H; Kollmannsberger S; Rank E, 2023, 'Quantitative reconstruction of defects in multi-layered bonded composites using fully convolutional network-based ultrasonic inversion', Journal of Sound and Vibration, 542,

Mo H; Xiao X; Sansavini G; Dong D, 2023, 'Optimal defense resource allocation against cyber-attacks in distributed generation systems', Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part O: Journal of Risk and Reliability,

Xu J; Sun Q; Mo H; Dong D, 2022, 'Online routing for smart electricity network under hybrid uncertainty', Automatica, 145,

Rana MM; Uddin M; Sarkar MR; Shafiullah GM; Mo H; Atef M, 2022, 'A review on hybrid photovoltaic – Battery energy storage system: Current status, challenges, and future directions', Journal of Energy Storage, 51,

Xiao X; Mo H; Zhang Y; Shan G, 2022, 'Meta-ANN – A dynamic artificial neural network refined by meta-learning for Short-Term Load Forecasting', Energy, 246,

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