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Gioia D; Corley K; Eisenhardt K; Feldman M; Langley A; Lê J; Golden-Biddle K; Locke K; Mees-Buss J; Piekkari R; Ravasi D; Rerup C; Schmid T; Silverman D; Welch C, 2022, 'A Curated Debate: On Using “Templates” in Qualitative Research', Journal of Management Inquiry, vol. 31, pp. 231 - 252,

Mees-Buss J; Welch C; Piekkari R, 2022, 'From Templates to Heuristics: How and Why to Move Beyond the Gioia Methodology', Organizational Research Methods, vol. 25, pp. 405 - 429,

Mees-Buss J; Welch C; Westney DE, 2019, 'What happened to the transnational? The emergence of the neo-global corporation', Journal of International Business Studies, vol. 50, pp. 1513 - 1543,

Mees-Buss J; Welch C, 2019, 'Managerial Ideologies Dividing the Corporate Elite: A process study of the rise and fall of a counter-ideology', Organization Studies, vol. 40, pp. 563 - 592,

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