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Shirley J; John JR; Montgomery A; Whitehouse A; Eapen V, 2024, Utilising behavioural and sensory profiles and associated perinatal factors to identify meaningful subgroups in autism spectrum disorder., ,

Huda E; Hawker P; Cibralic S; John JR; Hussain A; Diaz AM; Eapen V, 2023, Screening Tools for Autism in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Paediatric Populations: A Systematic Review, ,

John JR; Pickup W; Diaz AM; Cibralic S; Heys A; Schmied V; Barnett B; Eapen V, 2023, Continuity of care and enhanced support for women experiencing antenatal distress: A pilot randomised controlled trial, ,

Bhadelia A; Barr KR; John JR; Jalaludin B; Dissanyake C; Williams K; Woolfenden S; Eapen V, 2023, Difficult toddler temperament – Prevalence and associated factors at 18-month follow-up of a birth cohort, ,

Khan JR; John JR; Middleton P; Huang Y; Lin P-I; Hu N; Jalaludin B; Chay P; Lingam R; Eapen V, 2023, Factors Associated with Extended Length of Stay for Paediatric Mental Health Presentations to Emergency Departments in South Western Sydney, Australia, ,

Hussain A; John JR; Dissanayake C; Frost G; Girdler S; Karlov L; Masi A; Alach T; Eapen V, 2022, Sociocultural factors associated with Detection of ASD among Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities in Australia, ,

John J; Synn EP; Winata T; Eapen V; Lin P-I, 2022, Increased ambulance attendances related to suicide and self-injury in response to the pandemic in Australia, ,

John JR; Jones A; Neville M; Ghassempour S; Girosi F; Atlantis E; Tannous K, 2019, Cohort Profile: Effectiveness of a 12-month patient-centred medical home model of primary care versus standard care for chronic disease management of high risk patients in Sydney, Australia, ,

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