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Hamann J; Kang Y, 2023, A Minkowski Functional Analysis of the Cosmic Microwave Background Weak Lensing Convergence, ,

Hamann J; Gia QTL; Sloan IH; Womersley RS, 2023, Removing the mask -- reconstructing a scalar field on the sphere from a masked field, ,

Deshpande M; Hamann J; Sengupta D; White M; Williams AG; Wong YYY, 2023, Revisiting Cosmological Constraints on Supersymmetric SuperWIMPs, ,

Wons J; Dimastrogiovanni E; Fasiello M; Hamann J; Johnson MC, 2023, Enhancing Bispectrum Estimators for Galaxy Redshift Surveys with Velocities, ,

Hamann J; Malhotra A, 2022, Constraining primordial tensor features with the anisotropies of the Cosmic Microwave Background, ,

Yi K; Chen J; Wang YG; Zhou B; Liò P; Fan Y; Hamann J, 2022, Approximate Equivariance SO(3) Needlet Convolution, ,

Hamann J; Wons J, 2021, Optimising Inflationary Features the Bayesian Way, ,

Hamann J; Gia QTL; Sloan IH; Wang YG; Womersley RS, 2019, A New Probe of Gaussianity and Isotropy applied to the CMB Maps, ,

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