Select Publications


Hwang YI, 2024, Responding to the rise of people leaving imprisonment in older age: development of a ‘Support-Efficacy’ framework as a transdisciplinary, holistic and strengths-based guide for understanding reintegration to the community., ,

Mantell R; Withall A; Radford K; Kasumovic M; Monds L; Hwang YIJ, 2023, Design Preferences for a Serious Game–Based Cognitive Assessment of Older Adults in Prison: Thematic Analysis (Preprint), ,

Hwang YIJ; Withall A; Hampton S; Snoyman P; Forsyth K; Butler T, 2023, Multi-sector stakeholder consensus on tackling the complex health and social needs of the growing population of people leaving prison in older age, ,

Hwang YIJ; Hagos A; Withall A; Hampton S; Snoyman P; Butler T, 2023, Population ageing, incarceration and the growing digital divide: understanding the effects of digital literacy inequity experienced by older people leaving prison, ,

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