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Finney V; Hore J; Ville S, 2022, 'Chains of Custody, Oceans of Instability: The Precarious Logistics of the Natural History Trade', JOURNAL OF WORLD HISTORY, 33, pp. 103 - 137,

Hore J, 2022, 'Settlers in Earthquake Country: Apprehending Instability in New Zealand and California', Pacific Historical Review, 91, pp. 1 - 32,

Bashford A; Chakrabarti P; Hore J, 2021, 'Towards a modern history of Gondwanaland', Journal of the British Academy, 9s6, pp. 5 - 26,

Hore J, 2019, 'Capturing terra incognita: Alfred burton, ‘maoridom’ and wilderness in the king country', Australian Historical Studies, 50, pp. 188 - 211,

Hore J, 2017, '‘Beautiful Tasmania’: environmental consciousness in John Watt Beattie’s romantic wilderness', History Australia, 14, pp. 48 - 66,

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