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Roberts JL, 2016, Mapping Chinese Rangoon: Place and nation among the Sino-Burmese

Book Chapters

Roberts J, 2020, 'Heritage Conservation as Trickle-Down Development', in Peycam P; Wang S-L; Hui Y-F; Hsiao H-HM (ed.), Heritage as Aid and Diplomacy in Asia, ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute, pp. 305 - 328

Huang S; Roberts JL, 2019, 'Place‐Making', in , Wiley, pp. 1 - 5,

Roberts JL, 2018, 'In search of Urban identities in Myanmar', in Routledge Handbook of Urbanization in Southeast Asia, pp. 400 - 410,

Roberts JL, 2017, 'Urban', in Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Myanmar, pp. 64 - 71

Roberts J, 2017, 'Heritage-making and post-coloniality in Yangon, Myanmar', in Citizens, Civil Society and Heritage-Making in Asia, Flipside Digital Content Company Inc., Singapore, pp. 40 - 60

Roberts J, 2017, 'Tradition as an Imposed and Elite Inheritance: Yangon's Modern Past', in Whose Tradition?, Routledge, New York, pp. 41 - 61

Roberts JL, 2013, 'The Sin Oh Dan street lion dance competition: A temporary space for cross-cultural understanding', in Transcultural Cities: Border-Crossing and Placemaking, pp. 62 - 74,

Journal articles

Roberts JL; Girke F, 2024, 'Heritage as boundary object: the troubling potential of the Secretariat in Yangon, Myanmar', International Journal of Heritage Studies, 30, pp. 365 - 381,

Roberts JL, 2022, 'The secular/religious construction of neighbourhoods in Mandalay, Myanmar: Dhamma-youns and wards', Asia Pacific Viewpoint, 63, pp. 337 - 349,

Roberts JL, 2022, 'The Shop on High Street: At Home with Petite Capitalism.', SOJOURN-JOURNAL OF SOCIAL ISSUES IN SOUTHEAST ASIA, 37, pp. 547 - 550,

Roberts JL; Rhoads EL, 2022, 'Myanmar’s hidden-in-plain-sight social infrastructure: nalehmu through multiple ruptures', Critical Asian Studies, 54, pp. 1 - 21,

Roberts JL, 2020, 'Displacement, Encroachment and Settlement: Interrogating Kyu in Peri-Urban Yangon', City and Society, 32, pp. 421 - 435,

Roberts JL, 2020, 'Southeast Asia's Modern Architecture: Questions of Translation, Epistemology and Power', FABRICATIONS-THE JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY OF ARCHITECTURAL HISTORIANS AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND, 30, pp. 430 - 432,

Roberts JL, 2019, 'Everyday economic survival in Myanmar', CRITICAL ASIAN STUDIES, 51, pp. 637 - 638,

Roberts JL, 2019, 'Mapping Cultural Nationalism: The Scholars of the Burma Research Society, 1910-1935.', AMERICAN HISTORICAL REVIEW, 124, pp. 228 - 229,

Conference Papers

Ishar SI; Zlatanova S; Roberts JL, 2022, '3D GAMING FOR YOUNG GENERATIONS IN HERITAGE PROTECTION: A REVIEW', in International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences - ISPRS Archives, pp. 53 - 60,

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