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Schilstra CE; Ellis SJ; Cohen J; Gall A; Diaz A; Clarke K; Dumlao G; Chard J; Cumming T; Davis E; Dhillon H; Burns MA; Docking K; Koh E-S; O'Reilly J; Sansom-Daly UM; Shaw J; Speers N; Taylor N; Warne A; Fardell JE, 2023, Supporting adolescents and young adults with cancer to resume study and work: An environmental scan of online information and resources (Preprint), ,

Fleming C; Murphy-Alford A; Cohen J; Fleming M; Wakefield C; Naumann F, 2021, Poor diet quality and adverse eating behaviours in young survivors of childhood cancer, ,

Cohen J; Goddard E; Brierley ME; Bramley L; Beck E, 2020, Poor diet quality in childhood cancer patients during treatment: A target for nutrition interventions, ,

Cohen J; Alexander S; Signorelli C; Williams K; Sim KA; Chennariyil L; Baur LA, 2019, Clinician perspectives on models of care for pediatric weight management services in Australia: A mixed-methods study, ,

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