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Torok M; Burnett ACR; McGillivray L; Qian J; Gan DZQ; Baffsky R; Wong Q, 2023, 'Self-harm in 5-to-24 year olds: Retrospective examination of hospital presentations to emergency departments in New South Wales, Australia, 2012 to 2020', PLoS ONE, 18, pp. e0289877,

Qian J; Zeritis S; Larsen M; Torok M, 2023, 'The application of spatial analysis to understanding the association between area-level socio-economic factors and suicide: a systematic review', Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 58, pp. 843 - 859,

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Torok M; Passioura J; Konings P; Wong Q; Qian J; Larsen ME, 2023, 'A Spatial Analysis of Suicide Displacement at a High-Risk Cliff-Based Location Following Installation of a Means Restriction Initiative', Prevention Science,

Liu B; Stepien S; Qian J; Gidding H; Nicolopoulos K; Amin J; Cheng A; Macartney K, 2023, 'Comparative effectiveness of four COVID-19 vaccines, BNT162b2 mRNA, mRNA-1273, ChAdOx1 nCov-19 and NVX-CoV2373 against SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.529 (Omicron) infection', Vaccine,

McGillivray L; Hui NKM; Wong QJJ; Han J; Qian J; Torok M, 2023, 'The Effectiveness of a Smartphone Intervention Targeting Suicidal Ideation in Young Adults: Randomized Controlled Trial Examining the Influence of Loneliness', JMIR Mental Health, 10, pp. e44862,

Kusuma K; Larsen M; Quiroz JC; Gillies M; Burnett A; Qian J; Torok M, 2022, 'The performance of machine learning models in predicting suicidal ideation, attempts, and deaths: A meta-analysis and systematic review', Journal of Psychiatric Research, 155, pp. 579 - 588,

Qian J; Banks E; Macartney K; Heywood AE; Lassere MN; Liu B, 2021, 'Corticosteroid Use and Risk of Herpes Zoster in a Population-Based Cohort', Mayo Clinic Proceedings, 96, pp. 2843 - 2853,

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