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Li J; Sun K; Yuan X; Huang J; Green MA; Hao X, 2023, 'Emergence of flexible kesterite solar cells: progress and perspectives', npj Flexible Electronics, 7,

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Teymur B; Kim Y; Huang J; Sun K; Hao X; Mitzi DB, 2022, 'Top Stack Optimization for Cu2BaSn(S, Se)4 Photovoltaic Cell Leads to Improved Device Power Conversion Efficiency beyond 6%', Advanced Energy Materials, 12,

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Sun H; Huang J; Young TL; Cong J; Li J; Sun K; Yan C; Soufiani AM; Cui X; Nielsen MP; Zhang X; Stride JA; Green MA; Hao X, 2022, 'Defect Engineering for Efficient Cu2ZnSnS4 Solar Cells via Moisture-Assisted Post-Deposition Annealing', Advanced Optical Materials, 10,

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Qian C; Li J; Sun K; Jiang C; Huang J; Tang R; Green M; Hoex B; Chen T; Hao X, 2022, '9.6%-Efficient all-inorganic Sb2(S,Se)3solar cells with a MnS hole-transporting layer', Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 10, pp. 2835 - 2841,

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He M; Zhang X; Huang J; Li J; Yan C; Kim J; Chen YS; Yang L; Cairney JM; Zhang Y; Chen S; Kim J; Green MA; Hao X, 2021, 'High Efficiency Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 Solar Cells with Shallow LiZn Acceptor Defects Enabled by Solution-Based Li Post-Deposition Treatment', Advanced Energy Materials, 11,

Li J; Huang J; Li K; Zeng Y; Zhang Y; Sun K; Yan C; Xue C; Chen C; Chen T; Green MA; Tang J; Hao X, 2021, 'Defect-Resolved Effective Majority Carrier Mobility in Highly Anisotropic Antimony Chalcogenide Thin-Film Solar Cells', Solar RRL, 5,

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Yan C; Huang J; Sun K; Johnston S; Zhang Y; Sun H; Pu A; He M; Liu F; Eder K; Yang L; Cairney JM; Ekins-Daukes NJ; Hameiri Z; Stride JA; Chen S; Green MA; Hao X, 2018, 'Cu2ZnSnS4 solar cells with over 10% power conversion efficiency enabled by heterojunction heat treatment', Nature Energy, 3, pp. 764 - 764,

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Sun K; Huang J; Yan C; Pu A; Liu F; Sun H; Liu X; Fang Z; Stride JA; Green M; Hao X, 2018, 'Self-assembled nanometer-scale ZnS structure at the CZTS/ZnCdS heterointerface for high-efficiency wide band gap Cu 2 ZnSnS 4 solar cells', Chemistry of Materials, 30, pp. 4008 - 4016,

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