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Choi JJ; Kim J; Shenkar O, 2023, 'Temporal Orientation and Corporate Social Responsibility: Global Evidence', Journal of Management Studies, 60, pp. 82 - 119,

Kim J; Jo H, 2022, 'Controlling owner type, state capitalism, and corporate social responsibility in Africa', Corporate Governance: An International Review, 30, pp. 765 - 782,

Pope S; Kim J, 2022, 'Where, When, and Who: Corporate Social Responsibility and Brand Value—A Global Panel Study', Business and Society, 61, pp. 1631 - 1683,

Choi JJ; Jo H; Kim J; Kim MS, 2018, 'Business Groups and Corporate Social Responsibility', Journal of Business Ethics, 153, pp. 931 - 954,

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