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Biazik J; Vihinen H; Jokitalo E; Eskelinen EL, 2017, 'Ultrastructural Characterization of Phagophores Using Electron Tomography on Cryoimmobilized and Freeze Substituted Samples', in Methods in Enzymology, pp. 331 - 349,

Biazik J; Vihinen H; Jokitalo E; Eskelinen EL, 2015, 'Role of Endoplasmic Reticulum in the Formation of Phagophores/Autophagosomes: Three-Dimensional Morphology', in Autophagy: Cancer, Other Pathologies, Inflammation, Immunity, Infection, and Aging, pp. 57 - 68,

Journal articles

Centurion F; Merhebi S; Baharfar M; Abbasi R; Zhang C; Mousavi M; Xie W; Yang J; Cao Z; Allioux FM; Harm GFS; Biazik J; Kalantar-Zadeh K; Rahim MA, 2022, 'Cell-Mediated Biointerfacial Phenolic Assembly for Probiotic Nano Encapsulation', Advanced Functional Materials, vol. 32,

Abbasi R; Tang J; Baharfar M; Zhang C; Allioux FM; Zhang J; Tajik M; Yang J; Biazik J; Centurion F; Han J; Mofarah SS; Esrafilzadeh D; Koshy P; Sorrell CC; Chan SLI; Rahim MA; Kalantar-Zadeh K, 2022, 'Induction heating for the removal of liquid metal-based implant mimics: A proof-of-concept', Applied Materials Today, vol. 27, pp. 101459 - 101459,

Rybchyn MS; Biazik JM; Charlesworth J; Le Coutre J, 2021, 'Nanocellulose from Nata de Coco as a Bioscaffold for Cell-Based Meat', ACS Omega, vol. 6, pp. 33923 - 33931,

Pan W; Jiang P; Zhao J; Shi H; Zhang P; Yang X; Biazik J; Hu M; Hua H; Ge X; Huang XF; Yu Y, 2021, 'β-Glucan from Lentinula edodes prevents cognitive impairments in high-fat diet-induced obese mice: involvement of colon-brain axis', Journal of Translational Medicine, vol. 19,

Rezaeimotlagh A; Resch M; Kuchel RP; Biazik J; Ziuzina D; Bourke P; Cullen PJ; Trujillo FJ, 2021, 'Unveiling the synergistic effect of combining low and high frequency electric fields for microbiological safety in liquid food processing', Journal of Food Engineering, vol. 303, pp. 110588 - 110588,

Baum L; Nguyen MTHD; Jia Y; Biazik J; Thomas T, 2021, 'Characterization of a novel roseophage and the morphological and transcriptional response of the sponge symbiont Ruegeria AU67 to infection', Environmental Microbiology, vol. 23, pp. 2532 - 2549,

Agarwal V; Fadil Y; Wan A; Maslekar N; Tran BN; Mat Noor RA; Bhattacharyya S; Biazik J; Lim S; Zetterlund PB, 2021, 'Influence of Anionic Surfactants on the Fundamental Properties of Polymer/Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite Films', ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, vol. 13, pp. 18338 - 18347,

Kuschnerus I; Lau M; Giri K; Bedford N; Biazik J; Ruan J; Garcia-Bennett A, 2020, 'Effect of a protein corona on the fibrinogen induced cellular oxidative stress of gold nanoparticles', Nanoscale, vol. 12, pp. 5898 - 5905,

Anwar T; Liu X; Suntio T; Marjamäki A; Biazik J; Chan EYW; Varjosalo M; Eskelinen EL, 2019, 'ER-targeted beclin 1 supports autophagosome biogenesis in the absence of ULK1 and ULK2 kinases', Cells, vol. 8,

Tábara LC; Vicente JJ; Biazik J; Eskelinen EL; Vincent O; Escalante R, 2018, 'Vacuole membrane protein 1 marks endoplasmic reticulum subdomains enriched in phospholipid synthesizing enzymes and is required for phosphoinositide distribution', Traffic, vol. 19, pp. 624 - 638,

Biazik J; Vihinen H; Anwar T; Jokitalo E; Eskelinen EL, 2015, 'The versatile electron microscope: An ultrastructural overview of autophagy', Methods, vol. 75, pp. 44 - 53,

Biazik J; Ylä-Anttila P; Vihinen H; Jokitalo E; Eskelinen EL, 2015, 'Ultrastructural relationship of the phagophore with surrounding organelles', Autophagy, vol. 11, pp. 439 - 451,

Ding WX; Li M; Biazik JM; Morgan DG; Guo F; Ni HM; Goheen M; Eskelinen EL; Yin XM, 2012, 'Electron microscopic analysis of a spherical mitochondrial structure', Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. 287, pp. 42373 - 42378,

Biazik JM; Parker SL; Murphy CR; Thompson MB, 2012, 'Uterine Epithelial Morphology and Progesterone Receptors in a Mifepristone-treated Viviparous Lizard Pseudemoia entrecasteauxii (Squamata: Scincidae) During Gestation', Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B: Molecular and Developmental Evolution, vol. 318, pp. 148 - 158,

Biazik JM; Jahn KA; Braet F, 2011, 'Caveolae and caveolin-1 in reptilian liver', Micron, vol. 42, pp. 656 - 661,

Dennis MM; Henriquez J; Keipert G; Biazik J; Braet F, 2011, 'An outbreak of granulomatous peritonitis caused by injectable selenium in a flock of Merino sheep', Australian Veterinary Journal, vol. 89, pp. 209 - 212,

Jahn KA; Biazik JM; Braet F, 2011, 'GM1 expression in caco-2 cells: Characterisation of a fundamental passage-dependent transformation of a cell line', Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, vol. 100, pp. 3751 - 3762,

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Adams SM; Biazik J; Stewart RL; Murphy CR; Thompson MB, 2007, 'Fundamentals of viviparity: Comparison of seasonal changes in the uterine epithelium of oviparous and viviparous Lerista bougainvillii (Squamata: Scincidae)', Journal of Morphology, vol. 268, pp. 624 - 635,

Adams SM; Biazik JM; Thompson MB; Murphy CR, 2005, 'Cyto-epitheliochorial placenta of the viviparous lizard Pseudemoia entrecasteauxii: A new placental morphotype', Journal of Morphology, vol. 264, pp. 264 - 276,

Thompson MB; Adams SM; Herbert JF; Biazik JM; Murphy CR, 2004, 'Placental function in lizards', International Congress Series, vol. 1275, pp. 218 - 225,

Conference Papers

Thompson MB; Biazik JB; Lui S; Adams SM; Murphy CR, 2006, 'Morphological and functional changes to the uterus of lizards with different placental complexities', in Herpetological Monographs, pp. 178 - 185,[178:mafctt];2

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