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Carr J; Milstein T, 2021, 'Manatees and fossil fuel power plants: The paradox of endangered species laws', in Freedman E; Shipley Hiles S; Sachsman D (ed.), Communicating Endangered Species: Extinction, News, and Public Policy,

Milstein T; Carr J; Castro Sotomayor J; Thomas M, 2021, 'Rewilding Environmental Communication through Transformative Teaching', in Takahashi B; Metag J; Thaker J; Evans Comfort S (ed.), ICA-Routledge Handbook of International Trends in Environmental Communication, Routledge, London,

Carr J; Milstein T, 2020, 'Political Identity as Ecocultural Survival Strategy', in Milstein T; Castro-Sotomayor J (ed.), Routledge International Handbook of Ecocultural Identity, Routledge, London,

Carr J; Milstein T, 2020, 'Political identity as ecocultural survival strategy', in Routledge Handbook of Ecocultural Identity, pp. 311 - 332,

Carr J, 2013, 'Making urban politics go away: the role of legally mandated planning processes in occluding city-level power', in Davidson M; Martin D (ed.), Urban Politics: Critical Approaches, SAGE Publications Limited, pp. 112 - 129,

Carr J, 2011, 'Whose public space? The political geography of skateboarding.', in Brown M; Morrill R (ed.), Seattle Geographies, pp. 97 - 100

Carr J, 2009, 'Foucault’s archeology and geneology', in Foss K; Littlejohn S (ed.), Encyclopedia of Communication Theory, SAGE

Herbert S; Carr J; Erikson K, 2006, 'The scales of justice: federal-local tensions in the “War on Terror.”', in McGoldrick SK; McArdle S (ed.), Uniform Behavior Police Localism and National Politics, Macmillan, pp. 231 - 253

Edited Books

Milstein T; Castro-Sotomayor J, (ed.), 2020, Routledge Handbook of Ecocultural Identity, Routledge, London, UK,

Journal articles

Paudel G; Carr J; Munro PG, 2022, 'Community forestry in Nepal: a critical review', International Forestry Review, vol. 24, pp. 43 - 58,

Carr J; Dionisio R, 2022, 'The prismatic immersion of urban ruins: A framework for the integration of ruins’ multiple geographies in urban regeneration', Cities: The International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning

Carr J; Milstein T, 2021, '“See nothing but beauty”: The shared work of making anthropogenic destruction invisible to the human eye', Geoforum, vol. 122, pp. 183 - 192,

Carr J; Milstein T, 2018, 'Keep Burning Coal or the Manatee Gets It: Rendering the Carbon Economy Invisible through Endangered Species Protection', Antipode, vol. 50, pp. 82 - 100,

Carr J; Dionisio MR, 2017, 'Flexible spaces as a “third way” forward for planning urban shared spaces', Cities, vol. 70, pp. 73 - 82,

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Carr J; Vallor S; Freundschuh S; Gannon WL; Zandbergen P, 2014, 'Hitting the moving target: challenges of creating a dynamic curriculum addressing the ethical dimensions of geospatial data', Journal of Geography in Higher Education, vol. 38, pp. 444 - 454,

Carr J, 2014, 'Introduction: towards a methodology for teaching the ethics of geocoded data privacy', Journal of Geography in Higher Education, vol. 38, pp. 441 - 443,

McKinnon SL; Dickinson E; Carr JN; Chávez KR, 2013, ', Person-to-Person Lending, and the Conditions of Intercultural Contact', Howard Journal of Communications, vol. 24, pp. 327 - 347,

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Milstein T; Carr J, 2021, Manatees, threats to biosystems, and the possibilities for systematic change. March 11, 2021. Community Access, Triple U FM, Shoalhaven Community Radio.

Milstein T; Carr J, 2021, A manatee with “TRUMP” scraped into its back was itself disturbing. But it reflects a deeper environmental problem. The Conversation.,

Yildiz D; Milstein T; Castro-Sotomayor J; Carr J, 2020, The Routledge Handbook of Ecocultural Identity. Podcast: Custodians of the Planet.,

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