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Millan EZ; Lim JH; Power JM; McNally GP, 2021, Rapid appetitive transitions are sculpted by amygdala to accumbens pathways,

Peng CY; Jean-Richard-dit-Bressel P; Gilchrist S; Power JM; McNally GP, 2020, Phasic inhibition of dopamine neurons is an instrumental punisher,

Yau JO-Y; Chaichim C; Power JM; McNally GP, 2020, Basolateral amygdala parvalbumin neurons report aversive prediction error to constrain fear learning,

Liu Y; Jean-Richard-dit-Bressel P; Yau JO-Y; Willing A; Prasad AA; Power JM; Killcross S; Clifford CWG; McNally GP, 2020, The mesolimbic dopamine signatures of relapse to alcohol-seeking,

Prasad AA; Xie C; Chaichim C; Killcross S; Power JM; McNally GP, 2019, Complementary roles for ventral pallidum cell types and their projections in relapse,

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