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Clifford S; Wright CJC; Miller PG; Coomber K; Griffiths KE; Smith JA; Livingston M, 2024, 'What are the impacts of alcohol supply reduction measures on police-recorded adult domestic and family violence in the Northern Territory of Australia?', in International Journal of Drug Policy, Vol. 127,

Green M; Cunningham J; Torres J; Long D; O'Reilly C; Mott C; Scott C; Matheson S; Lindrea L; Scott C; Davies J; James R; Drake S; Underhill CR, 2022, 'Addressing inequity of access to cancer clinical trials for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with cancer: Menzies School of Health Research Consultancy Report for the ReViTALISE Project, 2022', in Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology, Wiley, Vol. 18, pp. 108 - 109, presented at COSA's 49th Annual Scientific Meeting, 02 November 2022 - 04 November 2022,

Delaney GP; Gabriel GS; Griffiths K; Descaller J; Yap ML; Vinod S; Shafiq J; Jacob S; Anderson S; McErlean G; Sheehan D; Barton M, 2022, 'An assessment of radiotherapy utilization, Surgery utilization and health outcomes, comparing Aboriginal people with non-Aboriginal people with cancer in NSW 2009-2018', in ASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY, WILEY, Vol. 18, pp. 107 - 107,

Griffiths K; Wallace T; Vajdic C; Jorm L, 2021, 'Global Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Data Governance in Health Research: A systematic review', in INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY, OXFORD UNIV PRESS, Vol. 50, pp. 87 - 87,

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