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Brandis KJ; Francis R; Zawada KJA; Hasselerharm CD; Ramp D, 2024, Advancing the Application of pXRF for Biological Samples, ,

Brandis K; Meagher P; Schoppe S; Zawada K; Widmann I; Widmann P; Dolorosa R; Francis R, 2023, Determining the Provenance of Traded Wildlife in the Philippines, ,

Lyons M; Brandis K; Murray N; Wilshire J; McCann J; Kingsford R; Callaghan C, 2019, Monitoring large and complex wildlife aggregations with drones, ,

Lyons M; Brandis K; Callaghan C; McCann J; Mills C; Ryall S; Kingsford R, 2017, Bird interactions with drones, from individuals to large colonies, ,

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