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Schaefer N; Sedano F; Bishop MJ; Dunn K; Haeusler MH; Yu KD; Zavoleas Y; Dafforn KA, 2023, 'Facilitation of non-indigenous ascidian by marine eco-engineering interventions at an urban site', Biofouling, 39, pp. 80 - 93,

Firth C; Dunn K; Haeusler MH; Sun Y, 2022, 'Anthropomorphic soft robotic end-effector for use with collaborative robots in the construction industry', Automation in Construction, 138, pp. 104218,

Reinhardt D; Haeusler MH; London K; Loke L; Feng Y; De Oliveira Barata E; Firth C; Dunn K; Khean N; Fabbri A; Wozniak-O’Connor D; Masuda R, 2020, 'CoBuilt 4.0: Investigating the potential of collaborative robotics for subject matter experts', International Journal of Architectural Computing, 18, pp. 353 - 370,

Dunn K, 2020, 'Design Critical in the Future of Health', My Job in 2030: Mapping the World of Work,

Zavoleas Y; Haeusler M; Dunn K; Bishop M; Dafforn K; Schaefer N; Sedano F; Yu DK, 2020, 'Designing Bio-Shelters: Improving Water Quality and Biodiversity in the Bays Precinct through Dynamic Data-Driven Approaches', Journal of Digital Landscape Architecture, 5-2020, pp. 521 - 532,

Dunn KM, 2016, 'Terra Nova', Journal of Australian Ceramics, 55, pp. 10 - 11

Dunn KM, 2016, '3D printing ceramics and the advantages of collaboration', The Journal of Australian Ceramics, 55, pp. 24 - 29,;py=2016;vol=55;res=IELHSS;issn=1449-275X;iss=3

Dunn KM; Dunn KM; Gough PJ; Bernadz T; Ho X, 2015, 'Art and Chart Junk: a guide for NEUVIS', International Journal of Software and Informatics, 9, pp. 61 - 72,

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