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McDonald KA; Teater RH; Cruz JP; Kerr JT; Bastas G; Zelik KE, 2021, 'Adding a toe joint to a prosthesis: walking biomechanics, energetics, and preference of individuals with unilateral below-knee limb loss', Scientific Reports, vol. 11,

Yandell MB; Ziemnicki DM; McDonald KA; Zelik KE, 2020, 'Characterizing the comfort limits of forces applied to the shoulders, thigh and shank to inform exosuit design', PLoS ONE, vol. 15, pp. e0228536,

Nicholas JC; McDonald KA; Peeling P; Jackson B; Dimmock JA; Alderson JA; Donnelly CJ, 2019, 'Pole Dancing for Fitness: The Physiological and Metabolic Demand of a 60-Minute Class', Journal of strength and conditioning research, vol. 33, pp. 2704 - 2710,

McDonald KA; Honert EC; Cook OS; Zelik KE, 2019, 'Unholey shoes: Experimental considerations when estimating ankle joint complex power during walking and running', Journal of Biomechanics, vol. 92, pp. 61 - 66,

McDonald K; Honert E; Cook O; Zelik K, 2019, 'Ankle joint complex power during walking and running: effects of marker location, and shoe- vs. skin-mounted markers', Footwear Science, vol. 11, pp. S51 - S52,

McDonald KA; Devaprakash D; Rubenson J, 2019, 'Is conservation of center of mass mechanics a priority in human walking? Insights from leg-length asymmetry experiments', Journal of Experimental Biology, vol. 222, pp. jeb195172 - jeb195172,

McDonald KA; Cusumano JP; Peeling P; Rubenson J, 2019, 'Multi-objective control in human walking: Insight gained through simultaneous degradation of energetic and motor regulation systems', Journal of the Royal Society Interface, vol. 16, pp. 20190227 - 20190227,

Stearne SM; McDonald KA; Alderson JA; North I; Oxnard CE; Rubenson J, 2016, 'The Foot's Arch and the Energetics of Human Locomotion', Scientific Reports, vol. 6,

Caulfield S; McDonald KA; Dawson B; Stearne SM; Green BA; Rubenson J; Clemons TD; Peeling P, 2016, 'A comparison of haemolytic responses in fore-foot and rear-foot distance runners', Journal of Sports Sciences, vol. 34, pp. 1485 - 1490,

McDonald KA; Stearne SM; Alderson JA; North I; Pires NJ; Rubenson J, 2016, 'The Role of Arch Compression and Metatarsophalangeal Joint Dynamics in Modulating Plantar Fascia Strain in Running', PLOS ONE, vol. 11, pp. e0152602 - e0152602,

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