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Tatour L; Tatour A, 2024, 'Toward an Anti-colonial Approach to Violent Crime among ’48 Palestinians', Journal of Palestine Studies, pp. 1 - 11,

Cristiano F; Dadusc D; Davanna T; Duff K; Gilmore J; Rossdale C; Rossi F; Tatour A; Tatour L; Tufail W; Weizman E, 2023, 'Criminalisation of political activism: a conversation across disciplines', Critical Studies on Security, 11, pp. 106 - 125,

Tatour L, 2023, 'In Memoriam: Elia Zureik', Journal of Palestine Studies, 52, pp. 100 - 102,

Tatour L, 2021, 'The Nation-State Law', Critical Times, 4, pp. 577 - 587,

Tatour L, 2021, 'The “Unity Intifada” and ’48 Palestinians: Between the Liberal and the Decolonial', Journal of Palestine Studies, 50, pp. 84 - 89,

Tatour L, 2019, 'The culturalisation of indigeneity: the Palestinian-Bedouin of the Naqab and indigenous rights', The International Journal of Human Rights, 23, pp. 1569 - 1593,

Tatour L, 2019, 'Traces of racial exception: racializing Israeli settler colonialism', British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 46, pp. 514 - 515,

Tatour L, 2019, 'Citizenship as Domination: Settled Colonialism and the Making of Palestinian Citizenship in Israel', Arab Studies Journal, VOL. XXVII,

Tatour L, 2018, 'Review: Movement and the Ordering of Freedom: On Liberal Governances of Mobility, by Hagar Kotef', Journal of Palestine Studies, 47, pp. 86 - 88,

Tatour L, 2016, 'Re: The Israeli left: Part of the problem or the solution? A response to Giulia Daniele', Global Discourse, 6, pp. 487 - 492,

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