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Conference Abstracts

Long J;Cheung R;Duong S;Paynter R;Asper L, 2017, 'Viewing distance and eyestrain symptoms with prolonged viewing of smartphones', in Clinical and Experimental Optometry, Vol. 100, pp. 133 - 137,

Yeotikar N;Khuu SK;Asper LJ;Alexander JA;Suttle CM, 2010, 'Configuration Effects of Chain Lateral Gabor Stimuli on Parafoveal Crowding', in Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, Association of Research Vision Ophthalmology Inc, Fort Lauderdale, pp. 5173, presented at ARVO, Fort Lauderdale, 01 May 2010,

Shono L;Suttle CM;Khuu S;Asper LJ, 2009, 'Binocular summation of contour integration thresholds', in PERCEPTION, PION LTD, Vol. 38, pp. 156 - 156,

Yeotikar NS;Suttle CM;Alexander J;Asper LJ;Khuu S, 2009, 'Cross- vs within-channel masking in contrast discrimination', in PERCEPTION, PION LTD, Vol. 38, pp. 73 - 73,

Masgoret X;Suttle CM;Asper LJ;Alexander J, 2008, 'The effect of foveal contour interaction on a spatial resolution task under dichoptic, half-binocular, and binocular conditions', in PERCEPTION, PION LTD, Vol. 37, pp. 144 - 144,

Vedamurthy I;Suttle CM;Alexander JA;Asper L, 2004, 'Acuity and alignment thresholds under monocular, dichoptic, and binocular viewing conditions', in PERCEPTION, PION LTD, Vol. 33, pp. 92 - 92,

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