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Lazzaro Rezende L; Quinn C, 2022, Design networks in / from / across Australia, Parlour: Gender, Equity, Architecture, Australia, ,

Lazzaro Rezende L; Lorange A; Segura J; Soto Román C; Leong M, 2021, Fugitive Paperwork: Documentary Practices in Literature, Art and History, Media Futures Hub, UNSW School of Arts & Media, ,

Lazzaro Rezende L; Lara-Betancourt P, 2021, Locating Design Exchanges in Latin America and the Caribbean, AIGA Baltimore and the Society of Design Arts, United States, ,

Lazzaro Rezende L; Rajguru M, 2021, Megha Rajguru in conversation with Livia Lazzaro Rezende, the 2020 Design Writing Prize Winner, Australia & UK, ,

Rezende L, 2018, Fire destroys Rio's National Museum of Brazil, Channel 4 UK, London, UK, ,

Rezende L, 2014, Beyond natural beauty, bounty and national boundaries: actualising the debate on the “Brazilian Contemporary” in art, architecture and design, ,

Rezende L, 2014, Brazillian Contemporary 21 March 2014: Livia Rezende, V&A Museum, ,

Rezende L, 2013, Concrete Jungle, Frame Publishers, Amsterdam,

Rezende L, 2013, King of Comfort: A Talk with Sergio Rodrigues, Frame Publishers, Amsterdam,

Rezende L, 2013, Vintage Solutions: Mistral Wine Store in São Paulo, Frame Publishers, Amsterdam,

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