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Ramirez M; Lubis PJ, 2018, 'Penerapan Okala Eco-design Strategy Wheel pada Proyek Desain Mahasiswa Product Design Engineering', Spektrum Industri, vol. 16, pp. 143 - 148,

Fennessy L; Ramirez MJ; Clune S; Strachan M; Lockrey S; Varadarajan S, 2013, 'Building capacity for sustainable product service systems in Australian industrial design education: a reflection upon contemporary practice', Journal of Cleaner Production

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Behrisch J; Ramirez MJ; Giurco D, 2011, 'Representation of ecodesign practice: international comparison of industrial design consultancies', Sustainability, vol. 3, pp. 1778 - 1791,

Behrisch J; Ramirez M; Giurco D, 2011, 'Representation of Ecodesign Practice: International Comparison of Industrial Design Consultancies', Sustainability, vol. 3, pp. 1778 - 1778

Ramirez MJ; Nawangpalupi CB, 2010, 'Inner city transport in Sydney: assessment of sustainable scenarios', International Journal of Sustainable Transportation

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Ramirez MJ, 2006, 'Sustainability in the education of industrial designers: the case for Australia', International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, vol. 7, pp. 189 - 202,

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