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Jadhav S; Imran A; Haque M, 2023, 'Application of six sigma and the system thinking approach in COVID-19 operation management: a case study of the victorian aged care response centre (VACRC) in Australia', Operations Management Research, 16, pp. 531 - 553,

Haque M; Paul SK; Sarker R; Essam D, 2023, 'A novel heuristic approach for planning decentralised supply chain under uncertainties', International Journal of Systems Science: Operations and Logistics, 10,

Haque M; Paul SK; Sarker R; Essam D, 2022, 'A combined approach for modeling multi-echelon multi-period decentralized supply chain', Annals of Operations Research, 315, pp. 1665 - 1702,

Haque M; Hasin MAA, 2021, 'Fuzzy genetic algorithm-based model for bullwhip effect reduction in a multi-stage supply chain', International Journal of Supply Chain and Inventory Management, 4, pp. 1 - 1,

Haque M; Paul SK; Sarker R; Essam D, 2020, 'Managing decentralized supply chain using bilevel with Nash game approach', Journal of Cleaner Production, 266,

Alam MA; Hasan Z; Ghosh A; Al Habib N; Haque M, 2018, 'Optimization of Inventory Cost for Stock Dependent Demand with Normally Distributed Lead Time Considering Complete Backlogging', International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, 9, pp. 690 - 697,

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