Dr Martin Jucker

My Expertise

Atmospheric dynamics, Stratospheric dynamics, Stratosphere - troposphere interactions, Sudden Stratospheric Warmings, Atmospheric variability, Weather and climate models, Scientific visualisation

Fields of Research (FoR)

Atmospheric Dynamics, Tropospheric and Stratospheric Physics, Climatology (excl. Climate Change Processes)

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My Teaching

I am convener and instructor of the course Fundamental of Atmospheric Science in the School of BEES and Physics (CLIM2001 / PHYS2801). This undergraduate course introduces all necessary concepts for a basic understanding of the processes involved in atmospheric science: Radiation, Thermodynamics, Chemistry, Dynamics, Clouds and Climate Modelling.


Mathews Building, Level 4


+61 2 9385 7196


3D and 360 degree movies of work related data.
Playlist of realtime weather visualisations
Various visualisations, animations, and educational videos.
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Weather (a)live
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