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Jucker M; Lucas C; Dutta D, 2023, Long-term surface impact of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai-like stratospheric water vapor injection, ,

Jucker M; Reichler T, 2022, Lifecycle of Major Sudden Stratospheric Warmings in the Southern Hemisphere from a Multi-Millennial GCM Simulation, ,

Lawrence ZD; Abalos M; Ayarzagüena B; Barriopedro D; Butler AH; Calvo N; de la Cámara A; Charlton-Perez A; Domeisen DIV; Dunn-Sigouin E; García-Serrano J; Garfinkel CI; Hindley NP; Jia L; Jucker M; Karpechko AY; Kim H; Lang AL; Lee SH; Lin P; Osman M; Palmeiro FM; Perlwitz J; Polichtchouk I; Richter JH; Schwartz C; Son S-W; Statnaia I; Taguchi M; Tyrrell NL; Wright CJ; Wu RW-Y, 2022, Quantifying stratospheric biases and identifying their potential sources in subseasonal forecast systems, ,

Reichler T; Jucker M, 2022, Stratospheric wave driving events as an alternative to sudden stratospheric sudden warmings, ,

Garfinkel CI; White I; Gerber EP; Son S-W; Jucker M, 2021, Stationary wave and surface radiative effects weaken and delay the near-surface response to stratospheric ozone depletion, ,

Chapman IT; Graves JP; Sauter O; Zucca C; Asunta O; Buttery RJ; Coda S; Goodman T; Igochine V; Johnson T; Jucker M; La Haye RJ; Lennholm M; Contributors J-E, 2013, Power requirements for electron cyclotron current drive and ion cyclotron resonance heating for sawtooth control in ITER, ,

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