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Raad S; David A; Sagniez M; Orfi Z; Dumont N; Smith M; Faure C, 2022, Directed differentiation of EA/TEF patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells into esophageal epithelial organoids reveal SOX2 dysregulation at the anterior foregut stage, ,

Sagniez M; Simpson S; Caron M; Rozendaal M; Paré B; Sontag T; Langlois S; Rouette A; Lavallée V-P; Cellot S; Sinnett D; Tran TH; Smith M, 2022, Real-time molecular classification of leukemias, ,

Hardwick SA; Bassett SD; Kaczorowski D; Blackburn J; Barton K; Bartonicek N; Carswell SL; Tilgner HU; Loy C; Halliday G; Mercer TR; Smith MA; Mattick JS, 2019, TARGETED, HIGH-RESOLUTION RNA SEQUENCING OF NON-CODING GENOMIC REGIONS ASSOCIATED WITH NEUROPSYCHIATRIC FUNCTIONS, ,

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