Select Publications


Kramer M, 2020, Air-water flows at hydraulic structures: Experimental investigations of interfacial characteristics and air-water mass transfer, German Research Foundation, Technical report, School of Engineering and Information Technology (SEIT), UNSW Canberra, KR 4872/2-1,

Kramer M; Wieprecht S, 2015, Efficient energy recovery in water supply systems, TB01/2015,

Kramer M; Wieprecht S, 2013, Stability of cars in urban floodings,

Kramer M; Wieprecht S, 2012, Implementation studies of small energy converters in water supply systems, TB 09/2012,

Kramer M; Wieprecht S, 2010, Physical model investigations on the hydropower plant Metzingen at the Erms, TB 04/2010,

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