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Koopmans RTCM; Thompson D; Withall A; Gresham M; Conn D; Chow T; Pasquier F; Lebert F; Bakker C; de Vugt M; Rosness T; Johannessen A; Yang Y-J; Rettenmaier D, 2013, 'Services for people with young onset dementia', in DeWaal H; Lyketsos C; Ames D; OBrien J (ed.), Designing and Delivering Dementia Services, WILEY-BLACKWELL, pp. 33 - 45,

Journal articles

Zheng J; Gresham M; Phillipson L; Hall D; Jeon YH; Brodaty H; Low LF, 2024, 'Exploring the usability, user experience and usefulness of a supportive website for people with dementia and carers', Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology, 19, pp. 1369 - 1381,

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Allam I; Gresham M; Phillipson L; Brodaty H; Low LF, 2023, 'Beliefs around help-Seeking and Support for Dementia in the Australian Arabic Speaking Community', Dementia, 22, pp. 995 - 1009,

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Wesson J; du Toit SHJ; Wales K; Gresham M; Flavin T; Brodaty H, 2023, 'Australian National Aged Care Classification behaviour assessment and people living with dementia in residential aged care: Inclusive language for reform?', Australasian Journal on Ageing, 42, pp. 234 - 240,

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Low L; Phillipson L; Gresham MD; Jeon Y; Hall D; Tan A; Wong N; Brodaty H, 2023, 'Forward with dementia: process evaluation of an Australian campaign to improve post‐diagnostic support', Alzheimer's & Dementia, 19,

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Gresham MD; Low LF; Phillipson L; Jeon YH; Swaffer K; Brodaty H, 2021, 'Facing the void: The experience of Australian care partners and people living with dementia following diagnosis', Alzheimer's & dementia : the journal of the Alzheimer's Association, 17, pp. e056629,

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Conference Papers

Beattie E; Fielding E; Neville C; Readford M; Gresham M, 2012, 'Carers of people with dementia: respite use and non-use', in AUSTRALASIAN JOURNAL ON AGEING, WILEY-BLACKWELL, pp. 4 - 4,

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Conference Abstracts

Dyer S; Standfield L; Gresham M; Brodaty H; Crotty M, 2019, 'What is the financial impact of a dyad training program for people with dementia that delays admission to residential care?', in AUSTRALASIAN JOURNAL ON AGEING, WILEY, Vol. 38, pp. 29 - 30,


Sinclair C; Kurrle S; Field S; Agar M; Williams K; Bucks R; Clayton J; Stewart C; Blake M; Auret K; Gresham M; Martini A; Radoslovich H, 2019, Supported Decision-Making in Dementia Care: Final Project Report, NHMRC Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre, Sydney,,

O'Connor C; Poulos CJ; Gresham M; Poulos RG, 2019, Supporting independence and function in people living with dementia: a technical guide to the evidence supporting reablement interventions (2nd edition), HammondCare, Sydney,,


Low L-F; Gresham M; Phillipson L; Jeon Y-H; Hall D; Tan ACW; Wong N; Brodaty H, 2023, Forward with Dementia: process evaluation of an Australian campaign to improve post-diagnostic support, ,

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