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Journal articles

Karras J; Harrison M; Seale H, 2023, '‘Getting the vaccine makes me a champion of it’: Exploring perceptions towards peer-to-peer communication about the COVID-19 vaccines amongst Australian adults', Health Expectations,

Harrison M; Rhodes T; Lancaster K, 2022, 'How do care environments shape healthcare? A synthesis of qualitative studies among healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic', BMJ Open, 12, pp. e063867,

Harrison M; Lancaster K; Rhodes T, 2022, '“A matter of time”: Evidence-making temporalities of vaccine development in the COVID-19 media landscape', Time and Society, 31, pp. 132 - 154,

Hickey-Moody A; Harrison M, 2018, 'Socially Engaged Art and Affective Pedagogy: A Study in Inter-Faith Understanding', Tate Papers,

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