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Watson MG; McDougall SR, 2020, 'A Mechanistic Pore-Scale Analysis of the Low-Salinity Effect in Heterogeneously Wetted Porous Media', Transport in Porous Media, vol. 135, pp. 587 - 617,

Watson MG; Byrne HM; Macaskill C; Myerscough MR, 2020, 'A multiphase model of growth factor-regulated atherosclerotic cap formation', Journal of Mathematical Biology, vol. 81, pp. 725 - 767,

Watson MG; Byrne HM; Macaskill C; Myerscough MR, 2018, 'A two-phase model of early fibrous cap formation in atherosclerosis', Journal of Theoretical Biology, vol. 456, pp. 123 - 136,

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Watson MG; Bondino I; Hamon G; McDougall SR, 2017, 'A Pore-Scale Investigation of Low-Salinity Waterflooding in Porous Media: Uniformly Wetted Systems', Transport in Porous Media, vol. 118, pp. 201 - 223,

Boujelben A; Watson M; McDougall S; Yen YF; Gerstner ER; Catana C; Deisboeck T; Batchelor TT; Boas D; Rosen B; Kalpathy-Cramer J; Chaplain MAJ, 2016, 'Multimodality imaging and mathematical modelling of drug delivery to glioblastomas', Interface Focus, vol. 6,

McDougall SR; Watson MG; Devlin AH; Mitchell CA; Chaplain MAJ, 2012, 'A Hybrid Discrete-Continuum Mathematical Model of Pattern Prediction in the Developing Retinal Vasculature', Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, vol. 74, pp. 2272 - 2314,

Watson MG; McDougall SR; Chaplain MAJ; Devlin AH; Mitchell CA, 2012, 'Dynamics of angiogenesis during murine retinal development: A coupled in vivo and in silico study', Journal of the Royal Society Interface, vol. 9, pp. 2351 - 2364,

Machado MJC; Watson MG; Devlin AH; Chaplain MAJ; Mcdougall SR; Mitchell CA, 2011, 'Dynamics of Angiogenesis During Wound Healing: A Coupled In Vivo and In Silico Study', Microcirculation, vol. 18, pp. 183 - 197,

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