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Harris M, 2022, 'Bicycle infrastructure and street politics Sydneys flagship cycleway to covid-19 pop-ups', in Routledge Handbook of Urban Landscape Research, pp. 50 - 64,

Harris M, 2018, 'Coding the "Authenti-city": North Harbour and the Århusgade Quarter, Copenhagen', in Laura L; Shannon B (ed.), Planning for AuthentiCITIES, Routledge, New York, pp. 287 - 308

Harris MS, 2018, 'Barangaroo: Machiavellian megaproject or erosion of intent?', in Ruming K (ed.), Urban Regeneration in Australia Policies, Processes and Projects of Contemporary Urban Change, Routledge, New York, pp. 111 - 134,

Journal articles

Harris M; McCue P, 2023, 'Pop-Up Cycleways: How a COVID-19 “Policy Window” Changed the Relationship Between Urban Planning, Transport, and Health in Sydney, Australia', Journal of the American Planning Association, 89, pp. 240 - 252,

Evans C; Harris MS; Taufen A; Livesley SJ; Crommelin L, 2022, 'What does it mean for a transitioning urban waterfront to “work” from a sustainability perspective?', Journal of Urbanism,

Hawken S; Avazpour B; Harris M; Marzban A; Munro PG, 2021, 'Urban megaprojects and water justice in Southeast Asia: Between global economies and community transitions', Cities, 113, pp. 103068 - 103068,

Harris MS, 2017, 'Competitive Precinct Projects: The five consistent criticisms of “global” mixed-use megaprojects', Project Management Journal, 48, pp. 76 - 92


Roberts L; Harris M, 2021, Designing for the ‘Interested but Concerned’: A literature review on cycling infrastructure design

Harris M, 2019, Hornsby Park Access & Circulation Investigation,

Padgett Kjaersgaard S; Evans C; Harris M, 2019, Guide to Low Carbon Landscapes,,,

Hawken S; Avazpour B; Harris M; Marzban A, 2019, The Impacts of Urban Megaprojects on Water and Sanitation Related Human Rights in Southeast Asia: Submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights to safe drinking water and sanitation, Urban Water Resilience Lab UNSW, UNSW Sydney,,

Harris M, 2018, Kunshan West Slow Movement Strategy, CRC for Water Sensitive Cities

Creative Written Works

Harris MS, 2016, Reconfiguring Sydney Streets: Copenhagen case studies and Sydney adaptations, Sustainable Transport Consultants,

Harris M; Simpson R; Phibbs P; Walton J, 2014, A guide to achieving good outcomes in precincts (the Bays in particular), The Fifth Estate,

Creative Works (non-textual)

Harris MS, 2018, UNSW BE LuminoCity Exhibition, UNSW BE LuminoCity Exhibition, 01 September 2018 - 07 December 2018, at:

Lochhead H; Harris M; Evans C; Tyrell M; Padgett Kjaersgaard SR, 2017, 2017 International Festival of Landscape Architecture, 2017 International Festival of Landscape Architecture, Overseas Passenger Terminal Circular Quay, 13 October 2017 - 14 October 2017, medium: Conference, at:


Harris M, 2020, Will we reinvent Sydney's urbanity with work flexibility?, ,

Harris M, 2020, The car is not our master - let's reclaim the streets for walk and play, ,

Harris M, 2020, Radio interview: What does COVID mean for the CBD?, ,

Harris M, 2020, Radio panel: The shift to more people riding bikes during and post COVID, ,

Harris M, 2020, Are Pop Up Parks a New Way to Save Space, 2SER 107.3, ,

Harris M, 2020, Sydney planning must focus on people, not cars, ,

Harris M, 2019, Radio interview: Government roles in mixed-use megaprojects on public land, ABC, Sydney,

Harris M, 2019, Australian cities pay the price for blocking council input to projects that shape them, ,

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