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Roberts M; Sharma A; Macgill I, 2022, 'Efficient, effective and fair allocation of costs and benefits in residential energy communities deploying shared photovoltaics', Applied Energy,

Yildiz B; Bilbao JI; Roberts M; Heslop S; Dore J; Bruce A; MacGill I; Egan RJ; Sproul AB, 2021, 'Analysis of electricity consumption and thermal storage of domestic electric water heating systems to utilize excess PV generation', Energy, vol. 235, pp. 121325 - 121325,

Fina B; Roberts MB; Auer H; Bruce A; MacGill I, 2021, 'Exogenous influences on deployment and profitability of photovoltaics for self-consumption in multi-apartment buildings in Australia and Austria', Applied Energy, vol. 283, pp. 116309 - 116309,

Yildiz B; Roberts M; Bilbao JI; Heslop S; Bruce A; Dore J; MacGill I; Egan RJ; Sproul AB, 2021, 'Assessment of control tools for utilizing excess distributed photovoltaic generation in domestic electric water heating systems', Applied Energy, vol. 300, pp. 117411 - 117411,

Roberts MB; Bruce A; MacGill I, 2019, 'A comparison of arrangements for increasing self-consumption and maximising the value of distributed photovoltaics on apartment buildings', Solar Energy, vol. 193, pp. 372 - 386,

Roberts MB; Haghdadi N; Bruce A; MacGill I, 2019, 'Characterisation of Australian apartment electricity demand and its implications for low-carbon cities', Energy, vol. 180, pp. 242 - 257,

Roberts MB; Bruce A; MacGill I, 2019, 'Impact of shared battery energy storage systems on photovoltaic self-consumption and electricity bills in apartment buildings', Applied Energy, vol. 245, pp. 78 - 95,

Roberts M; Bruce A; Macgill I, 2019, 'Opportunities and barriers for photovoltaics on multi-unit residential buildings: Reviewing the Australian experience', Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, vol. 104, pp. 95 - 110,

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